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Wedding Dance Classes

Wedding Dance Classes from Macaw Event Planners based at Gold Coast, always work with passion to teach you wedding dance in a short time frame. Our dedicated trainers provide customized Latin, ballroom, and traditional dance classes to make you look great while you dance. Based on your personality, comfort, and skill levels, we customize dance courses for you. Whether you have experience or not, our wedding dance specialists make sure dance is fun and not tiring. Our experienced dance teachers have been choreographing wedding dances for hundreds of couples.

Having located in Gold Coast, your dance will be personalized and choreographed to your favorite songs, with dance lessons ranging from one hour to till you become perfect with spin, lifts and dips. Budget-friendly dance classes from Macaw are crafted for the bride and groom, family members, relatives, and entire bridal team. You can be certain of receiving professionally choreographed classes focused on individual needs.

If this is your first wedding dance, do not be anxious, our wedding dance specialists in Gold Coast offer packages to help you hone your dance skills. Additionally, we offer a private dance space to ensure that you are not distracted and make you instantly fall in love with your dance abilities.

  • We have world-leading choreographers who make certain that you learn twirls and hops by wearing your shoes
  • Enhance your skills and prepare you to be confident to dance with your partner
  • Private dance classes to help you focus on your dance steps and moves
  • We help you practice until you reach perfection
  • Affordable packages to suit the unique needs of clients.

Dynamic and Modernity Wedding Planners for a Blissful Marriage. We are Most Sought Wedding Planners, Creative Decorators, Amazing Designers in Gold Coast.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly experienced and creative professionals to organize and assist everyone during preparations for your big day
  • We are proud to have partnered with topnotch suppliers who supply high-quality materials to enhance the beauty of an event
  • Focus on providing the best event planner services to make the whole process successful and enjoyable
  • Expertise to make quick decisions to ensure that you are not anxious about anything
  • Discussing competitive and transparent prices and signing contracts before beginning of our work

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